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devdas_meditatingDevadas Vasudevan is the Founder and the Director of Ananda Swaroopa Yoga.

In his early 20s while living in the northern India, Devadas was first introduced to yoga by some unknown mystics who lived on the banks of river Ganga (the holy river of India). He also had spent times with monks who would visit Triveni Sangam ( Confluence of Three Rivers) in Prayag (Allahabad), India, every year and have learnt his first lessons of metaphysics and occult sciences.

He later studied different yoga techniques from Swami Vidyanand, the founder and Spiritual Head of Sri Ma School of Transformational Yoga, New Delhi, India who is also the founder of Yoga Alliance International.

Devadas also studied with Swami Govindananda of Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham ( direct disciple of Swmi Vishnu Devananda, the founder of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres in India and West.

His independent research into the natural healing process of  human body has helped him to combine the teaching of both Yoga and Ayurveda together. All his classes reflect this indispensable approach towards yogic healing. Morever, being a strict follower of traditional yoga teaching, Devadas keeps  his teaching of Yoga away from being watered down to mere exercise programme.

Before became fully devoted to  yoga practice, Devadas was an amateur bodybuilder. His penchant for metaphysics and health has played a significant role in his yoga life.

He has a passion for Yoga Philosophy and emphasises on the metaphysical approach to life.

A householder who is exposed to all the opposites in life at physical & mental; personal & social; material & spiritual level, Devadas teaches Yoga in the best applicable ways in today’s life for people from all walks of life.

He considers every individual as unique in bodily constitution, endurance and flexibility; and therefore needs varied levels of teaching and practice. His interest in Ayurveda and Yoga has benefitted him in providing the best suitable Yogic systems for each participant according to the nature of body and mind. He recommends that a yoga student should check his / her body constitution or Prakrithi according to Ayurveda before joining his class. (For details, please see on Homepage ‘KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE“).

His interest includes in Vedanta, Metaphysics, Nature, Music, Culture and Environment.

He is recognized by the SriMa School of Transformational Yoga, India and Yoga Alliance International, India as a Yogacharya in TRANSFORMATIONAL HATHA YOGA and SIVANANDA YOGA , Kerala, India respectively.

He is also the Director of Abu Dhabi Regional Yoga Alliance International, India.

Devadas also holds the highest ranking of Yoga Alliance (US)’s Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher-500 and Registered Yoga Teacher-500 (ERYT-500 & RYT-500).

He also serves as an Executive Member of Science India Forum-UAE, an education oriented non-profit and volunteer organization.

Devadas can be contacted directly on: 00971 50 3251350 / 00971 529048120