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Check your body type


Among many Indian scientific contributions, Ayurveda (the Science of Life) is most popular by its applications in life. Ayurveda originated in ancient India around 5500 years ago. Some scholars date this back to 7000 years. Ayurveda is the Mother of Healing.

According to Ayurveda, human body and every realm of natural world are comprised of three basic functional principles, known as Doshas (in Sanskrit) or humours. They are Vata (ether and air), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth) which are collectively known as Thridoshas (Three Humours).

Detailed accounts of the functions of Doshas within human body are found throughout the Ayurvedic literature and are used by Ayurvedic practitioners as integral parts of Ayurvedic healing system for optimum health. The Doshas are a set of characteristics used to describe people based on their physical, mental, and emotional; and personality characteristics.

The Dosha-predominant Prakrithis – constitutions / nature of body – are: Vata-predominant, Pitta-predominant, Kapha-predominant; and three dual Prakrithis, where two Doshas are equally, or nearly equally predominant like Vata-Pitta.

Overall well-being and longevity of person depends on the balance of Doshas. Any imbalance among the Tridoshas causes disease.

Each Prakriti has its own set of diet, yogasanas and mantra. Following such classification in lifestyle will keep a balance in one’s Dosha which will in turn maintain a healthy body and mind.

Using the following table you can discover which is your pre-dominant Dosha or Prakriti. Click on Radio Button (White circles) left to the descriptions under Vata, Pitta and Kapha in each row that is your nature or fit you, and click on ‘CALCULATE TOTAL’ in the bottom part of this page to see the TOTAL. The Dosha with the highest score is your pre-dominant Dosha or Prakrithi.