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Please note that due to  certain committed schedules,

NO YOGA Classes will be available until March 2017.

Inconvenience is regretted.

Ananda Swaroopa Yoga


Welcome to Ananda Swaroopa Yoga (ASY)

Before you choose to enrol in ASY yoga teachings, please note that :

ASY does not belong to any ‘Type’ of yoga nor does it believe in ‘Types’.   All what is taught is Yoga.

Its teaching is based on traditional methods of yoga where physical, vital and mental energies  synchronize in action.  It does not teach any ‘weight reducing exercise programme’  or acrobatic exercises.  There were, of course,  cases where weight has been reduced due to continuous and committed practices.

ASY does not encourage nor entertain “tasting classes” or “drop in” .


It is a small class with maximum capacity of 6 people. A group will get two classes per week viz either Sunday & Tuesday or Monday and Wednesday.  Minimum 3 students are required to start a group.  Interested persons may enquire through CONTACT form.

Weekdays : Sunday through to Thursday

Timing : 7.00pm – 8.15 pm


Weekends : Fridays & Saturdays – depending on the available schedule.

Timing : Morning and Afternoon


During Summer vacations only.


Khalidiya Street (Opposite GRANDSTORE), Abu Dhabi.


Yoga mats are available for FREE to use. However,  it is recommended from hygienic point of view to bring your own mat.


In order to comfortably move the body parts throughout the session it is advisable to wear cotton Tracksuits /trousers with HALF SLEEVED T-shirts.

Tight Tops must be avoided. In general, loose fittings are better.

Personal hygiene is very much important as it causes irritation to others and embarrassment to yourself. Therefore, please come to the class without any body odor caused by sweating or lack of personal hygiene.  Wearing shoes for more than an hour can cause bad smell. If you wear a shoe more than an hour you may choose to wash your feet at the washroom and dry them before you enter the class.  Mild deodorant or perfumed oil may please be used.  Wearing nylon or polyester dress can also create body odor. It is recommended that you may wear some loose cotton trouser and top.


Please consult a physician before you enrol in any yoga programme with Ananda Swaroopa Yoga in order to know that you are physically fit. Also, if you suffer from any particular medical condition, please consult your doctor and get  Doctor’s Advice  before you enrol ASY yoga programme. Please inform the Yoga Teacher ( at the time of joining the class) of any medical conditions that you suffer from or known to you.